Personal Records   and Podiums

​​2021 kicking off strong for the PEAK athletes to come back from the covid era that really broke up the momentum from an amazing 2019 season.  But great to pick up where we left off as we get back to racing!


 PEAK Multisport LLC is a coaching business and small team environment which includes a variety of services such as private coaching, group training, and technique analysis for a variety of endurance athletes.  We measure success by athlete progression.  This could mean finishing your first triathlon, setting a new personal record, or reaching the highest levels of our sport.  We take great pride and enjoyment at all levels of accomplishment. 

​​Our Philosophy
​Balance the art and science of coaching to optimize an athlete's progression, performance and enjoyment through a positive, encouraging and development based environment with strong attention to detail ensuring integrity, authenticity and an athlete centered focus.

We use our experience and understanding of a person's individual needs along with science and technology to maximize an athlete's ability.  We speak with each athlete at length before beginning a working relationship to ensure a good fit.  We also seek athletes who place a high importance on fair play and good sportsmanship.  Each client will be required to sign a "Code of Conduct" as we believe athletics and competition should be pursued with the utmost of integrity.



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