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Monthly Coaching Plan - $350 (per month)


This plan offers fully customized programming specific to your individual needs.  Daily workouts will be provided with specific purpose developing toward long term goals.  This plan includes access to Training Peaks software which will be used to provide your workouts.  This same software allows daily logging for athlete feedback which is critical communication for your coach.  There is never any limit on communication and no long term contracts and no start up fees.  We believe that both athlete and coach should have clear communication and a course of long term direction that is mutually beneficial.

Comprehensive Bike Fit - $200(one time fee)


Proper Bike fit is one of the most critical components in the sport of triathlon.  80-90% of aerodynamic drag comes from the body (not the bike), so proper set up is critical to optimize aerodynamics, power and comfort.  Coach Ken has years of experience fitting athletes.  He utilizes a variety of fit systems (not limited by one, but taking the best pieces of many) in addition to hours in the wind tunnel learning about real world aerodynamics.  (not just theory or computer calculations)  Often times, the initial bike fit is a stepping stone toward the optimal position which may require time for the body to adapt.  This is why smaller adjustments are offered at no additional charge for one year.  Athletes should plan on 1-2 hours for this appointment.

One on One Coaching Session - $70 (per hour)
*personal sessions included as needed for monthly clients


Workout programming is critically important, but it can never replace the valuable time of direct interaction between coach and athlete.  This one hour session can include (but not limited to):

  • swim technique with underwater video

  • run technique with video and laser quadrant analysis

  • Bike technique w/ laser stroke analysis and/or tactics

  • Run track session

  • nutrition (daily and race day)

  • strength

  • and more.

Collegiate Consultation Plan - $300 (per month)


This program is designed for college students participating with their University club teams.  The purpose of this program is to ensure optimization of the individual athlete while participating in most, if not all, of the team workouts.  Often times, college team workouts are designed to meet needs of the general population of the group and may or may not be ideal for one specific individual.  Specific communication will be required to discuss team workouts, class schedule, work requirements, and then the coach will optimize training by providing specific workouts in addition to or at the exclusion of some team workouts.  It is important to understand that PEAK Multisport fully supports college team participation and your coach will work to ensure you can participate in as many team practices as possible.  *team practices must be provided to your coach 1 week in advance and at least 5 practices per week must be available for club athletes to be eligible for this program.

Junior Coaching Plan - $300 (per month)


This program is designed for Junior athletes (race age 16 - 19) who want to optimize their training above and beyond team practices.  Essentially this is the monthly coaching plan with unlimited communication and fully customized programming.  We encourage seasonal team sports as part of general athletic development and we can help plan around those practices and discuss pros and cons of various sports and how they impact your triathlon development.  The reason for the $50 discount is to help promote Junior development and encourage participation.  Included (and required) is utilization of a training peaks account for use by coach and athlete.  Utilization of this program requires a very organized, mature, and responsible young athlete.  For this program to be successful, detailed training logs are to be recorded daily along with data uploads, e-mails, etc. 

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