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To develop athletes to their highest potential pursuing national and international level competition in all formats (long course, draft legal, para, jr elite, XTERRA) via daily coaching interaction regardless of athlete location allowing each athlete to live and train in a location that is optimal for them whether that is local to Colorado Springs or remote.
Daily communication with a veteran elite coach and daily adjustments as needed
Athlete centered focus with planning specificity for each individual athlete  (no general group plans)
Regular face to face coaching sessions for those in Colorado Springs
Allowance of optimal training location best for the athlete (no requirement to be in Colorado Springs)
Crossover sessions with other athletes in Colorado Springs for motivation & social interaction
Long term approach with consistent and gradual progression as the goal!
Attention to every detail on and off the field, not just the workouts
Focus on "The whole person" with health & happiness as critical component to long term development
Business guidance for professional development
Each Athlete is on a contract basis with similar structure and minimums.  Please inquire for cost specific information.
To inquire or apply​​:
Send an e-mail to  Please include your athlete resume.  If you don't have an athlete resume, we will be happy to send you a sample so that you may create one.
Please note that minimum athletic standards are required for consideration.  Elite squad participation is limited and Individual slots are only offered when available and offered to athletes showing the highest dedication and improvement based on their specific performance plan along with a commitment to good sportsmanship and team camaraderie
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